7 Ways To Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

7 Ways To Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

The summer can be enjoyable but also poses some risk for our lovable pooches – the heat can be dangerous! Here’s 7 ways to keep them cool and happy!

1. Take them for early morning or late night walks

Avoid taking your dog out for long walks during the peak heat hours in the middle of the day. The heat not only makes it difficult for them to be outside, but it also allows the pavement to burn their paws. Early morning and late night walks are much cooler and easier on their bodies!

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2. Keep an eye on the water bowl

Make sure your furry friend always has access to water; dehydration can lead to many more serious complications! When taking your dog on a walk, be sure to bring a water bottle with you too! 3. Fill up a kiddie pool Many dogs are intimidated by large bodies of water such as lakes and swimming pools, but still crave the coolness. Filling up a kiddie pool about half way is a great way to let them enjoy the water without being scared of the deep end!

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3. Lay out some wet towels Dogs cool down from their paws and stomachs.

While spraying them with the hose may seem helpful, putting out some wet towels for them to lie on will be much more appreciated!

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4. Keep cool in the shade!

Make sure your dog has access to shade It’s inevitable that your dog will want to be outside during the summer, so make sure they have a cool shaded place they can lie down when they get too hot. If you don’t have trees that give off a decent amount of shade coverage, try putting up a tent or an umbrella that they can lie under.

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5. To shave or not to shave

While some dogs are lucky enough to be able to grow out their locks and also have them shaved right off throughout the year, large, long-haired dogs, such as Huskys, Collies, and German Sheppards for example, should never be shaved. You may think you’re doing your pet a favour, but they have been accustomed to their fur and it actually helps regulate their body temperature. Shaving them will through off their natural balance and also expose them to sunburn.

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6. Leave your pet at home!

It’s been stated a million times, but do not leave your dog in the car. While a five minute dash in the grocery store may seem quick to you, the temperature inside a car sitting in the sun rises extremely quickly and can put your dog at severe risk of dehydration and heatstroke. They’ll be much happier to spend those five minutes waiting for you at home where they can relax on the cool kitchen floor.

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7. Tasty!
Use frozen treats Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great way to treat your pet, keep them healthy and help them cool down! Make sure you check with you vet first about which foods are okay for your dog to eat.

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