Caring for Man’s Best Friend

Caring for Man’s Best Friend

There is truly no bond stronger than that of a dog and his owner. We are often dumbfounded by the undying loyalty and unconditional love that a dog can offer. But are you taking all necessary steps to provide for your pup? Keeping up with daily areas of health, as well as specialty areas, is key to helping your dog age into adulthood and remain healthy for years to come.

What might come across as a simple area of healthcare can often be a very trying and challenging one: what to feed your canine. Choosing the right diet could depend on a wide variety of factors, including breed, size and sensitive intestinal issues.  If you notice your dog vomiting, refusing to eat or struggling when using the restroom, it may be time to talk to your Vet and consider a new food type. When switching a dog’s diet, owners should mix food at first and slowly add less and less of the original food until the dog is eating only one type. This method helps to avoid an upset stomach or too much shock for the dog.

Exercise and playtime is also a huge factor when looking at the overall health of a dog.  It is recommended that dogs exercise a minimum of 3-4 times a week, but ideally daily. Exercise could range from running outside to a walk around the neighborhood, but keeping your dog’s heart healthy should be a top concern. Walks are also a great time to work with your dog on commands and social interaction in a real-time scenario!

Avoiding a breakout of fleas or ticks in your home may sound like a no brainer, but could be detrimental to the health of your dog if not consistently monitored each month. Most pet stores and Veterinary offices sell flea and heartworm treatments at hand. Dog owners should provide their dogs with a preventative treatment to avoid fleas, ticks and heartworms from invading the dog’s skin and intestines. If prevention is not consistently done, this could result in a fatal situation for the dog.  We recommend talking to your Vet to decide the best method and brand for prevention, as there is quite a large variety to accommodate different lifestyles and breeds of dogs.

Taking care of a dog, and keeping them in top health can often times feel like a full time job! Many measures of their health are quite different than that of an average human, but some parts are strikingly similar. Aside from their annual examinations and cuddle time, dog owners should pay close attention to their diet, exercise regime and preventative medications to avoid getting themselves into a sad and dire situation. However with the aid of a veterinarian, keeping your dog healthy does not have to be a stressful process.  After all, our dogs bring so much happiness to our lives they deserve to be happy and healthy too!