Murrieta Pet ClinicSearching for a pet clinic you can trust?

We understand that choosing a pet clinic is an important decision, as you’re effectively placing the health and well being of your beloved pet in the hands of your chosen pet clinic. So it’s paramount that you feel comfortable which the clinic you choose.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on providing professional, personable customer service. Not only are our veterinarians and nurses highly qualified but they’ve also been hand picked for their gentle, patient and caring natures. So you can rest assured, that your pet is in safe hands as each and every member of our staff loves animals and is passionate about caring for animals of all sizes and species.

Our services:

We offer routine check ups and can treat an extensive list of ailments. As examples, we’ll be able to treat your dog if it has fleas, or treat your cat, should it be involved in a fight with a neighborhoods cat. If your pet has a broken bone, has developed bald patches or has dietary issues such as over eating or refusing to eat, our veterinarians will also be able to treat your pet. We are a full service veterinarian in Murrieta and we can even handle emergency services.

Should your pet be diagnosed with a more serious condition or need an operation, our veterinarians will also be able to present you with a variety of treatment options. In the event of an emergency, our staff are also on call to assist your pet.

What animals do we treat?

As well as treating larger pets such as dogs and cats, our veterinarians are also able to treat smaller animals such as birds, rabbits and mice.

So if you’re interested in meeting with one of our friendly, veterinarians, simply book an appointment for a consultation and they’ll be sure to care for your pet as if it was their own.