It’s Not All Fashion, Make-Up and Fitness

It’s Not All Fashion, Make-Up and Fitness

It’s true, a vast amount of the internet is consumed with waist trainers, gym selfies and cat videos. However, for those of us that would prefer a little more variety to the time that we spend surfing the web, and who prefer a different four-legged friend, hope is not lost! It makes sense that after a stressful day, the first thing that eases our mood is a wagging tale, a game of fetch and some quality downtime with our pups. Meanwhile, if you want to expand your canine love, we’ve gathered up some of the top YouTube channels dog-lovers need to watch! After all, nothing is better than a little puppy love, am I right?

  1. DOGTV

Based out of the United Kingdom, this channel covers popular television segments for dogs! Now your dog can relax with you and share in the joy of binge watching a captivating series, except instead of House of Cards or Pretty Little Liars it’s dog park drama and dancing.

  1. Howl of a Dog

Wether you are feeling down or on cloud nine, this channel is sure to tug at your heartstrings in the best way possible. Following the stories of former shelter dogs, this channel reveals happy endings and many “firsts” for some very lucky pooches. I dare you to get through three without tearing up!

  1. Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

A hilarious and must see channel! Accompany Crusoe on his adventures through life, this little guy is always stirring up trouble of some kind and getting into all kinds of activities. While his channel is nothing short of hilarious, just make sure your pup doesn’t get any wild ideas!

  1. Louie The Beagle

Have you ever watched a YouTube personality and thought, “I could be best friends with them?” Well that’s exactly how your dog is sure to feel about Louie! This sweet boy is always doing something new and exciting, and makes sure to always keep you in the loop. The channel also shares other doggy-related funnies that will instantly bring a smile to your face. From doses of puppy love to battles with minions, Louie is sure to become the next dog you wish you could schedule for play dates.

  1. BarkBox

Many dog lovers are no strangers to the subscription box that you can purchase each month containing treats, toys and training ideas, but their YouTube channel is filled with light-hearted dog stories and video of dogs around the world! Viewers can watch heart-melting segments from the “Best Day Ever” series , or laughthrough hilarious stunt videos. But let’s be honest, you should watch solely for the hilarious BarkBooth or Pawffice series!

So there you have it, there are channels out there for both you and your pup! While there is no shortage of animal cuteness on YouTube, I think the above channels are sure to not let you down. What are some of your favorite doggy channels? I’d love to see!