*NEW* Parasites Package

Vet in murrieta looking for parasites, heartworms, and ear mitesYou will save hundreds of dollars by protecting your dog from parasites first! 

As Springtime rolls around, dogs are in parks, at the beach, and out in warm weather. Problem is- so are the parasites. They get onto their skin and into their bellies and getting them out is hard… really hard.

That’s why Sky Canyon is offering a full Parasites Package for Spring.

Keep reading to see how many services we packed into this awesome package just in time for Spring!

The Parasites Package is a full, preventative treatment for your dog that goes far above and beyond a standard heartworm check or flea shampoo. We’ll completely examine your pet with the services you see listed below:

Intestinal Parasites

Fecal testing– This analysis confirms that your dog is not already infected by hookworms, roundworms, or other zoonotic parasites.

Heartworm– caused by mosquito bites, heartworms dig their way inside the dog where they become nearly impossible to remove.

External Parasites

Ear Mites– a microscopic parasite that lives in the ear canal. They are extremely contagious from animal-to-animal and results in debris build-up and ear irritation.

Flea– We’ll give your dog a 30-day treatment of our qualifying flea medication & treatment. Our doctors may ask about your current flea regime and make suggestions.

Pulex irritans
Full Wellness Check

Every Parasite Package includes a full wellness check which means that we’re able to treat your dog if necessary! California law requires that a vet examine your dog before recommending any prescription or other major medical service. By including the wellness check, your dog or cat gets a full Nose-to-Tail examination of even the nether-regions.

This full package of services is available for only $125. Limited availability so schedule now. Click Here