[Video] Rattlesnake Vaccine Facts & Stats

Is your dog active? Do you go hiking or bike riding with your dog? Then you need to be prepared for rattlesnakes.

The rattlesnake vaccine is a vaccine to give you more time to get treatment after being bit by a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake vaccine was designed for dogs that are active have active lifestyles.

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Dogs that go hiking and on different trips where rattlesnakes are prone need to be vaccinated. It is important to give the rattlesnake vaccine because if you are active, and you take your dog hiking out in the mountains that are, you know, quite a ways from any treatment facility such as a veterinary hospital.

It allows you to have more time to get to the pet hospital to get the treatment taken care of. As rattlesnake bites can be deadly, depending on different things, such as the age of the snake and the age of the dog that was bitten. Most of the time if the treatment is provided in a decent amount of time, it can be treated, but they can be deadly.

Yes, rattlesnake season, it’s coming up now. And it usually lasts until, you know, October-ish. Yes, Sky Canyon does offer the rattlesnake vaccine year round. Usually about this time of year we start to advertise it on special. And recommend that we give it, you know, usually, February, March. So that the rattlesnake vaccine will last the entire rattlesnake season.

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